About “Referendum”


“High Desert” – the high altitude desert of northern Nevada where I live. (We are over 4000’ above sea level.)

“Referendum” – a vote by the whole electorate on a specific question put to it by a government or similar body.

Federal and state governments should spend more time asking the people what they think on specific matters. The goal of this blog is to provide readers with information on various issues so they can contact their members of Congress to make their views known.

Currently, Congress often ignores the wishes of the majority of citizens. The more we make our voices heard, the more attention our representatives will have to give us.

Of course, with at least two opinions on each issue, someone will always be dissatisfied. But if most of us communicate with our elected officials (state and federal), we can at least take comfort in the fact that democracy is at work rather than just the wishes of a few select people.

The blog page contains posts on federal issues (and occasional posts about college or professional football). The “Nevada Issues” page has items of specific interest to Nevadans, usually with a federal tie-in. The “Contact Congress” page has web addresses. And the “Contact Referendum” page has a form to leave comments about any of the other pages.

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