Posted by: SWL | September 21, 2016

Clinton Campaign Spent $50 Million in August

Hillary Clinton’s campaign spent $50 million in August. Most of us just gloss over that number because it is so foreign to us. But think about it . . . a five followed by seven zeros . . .

Most retirement experts recommend that a person have a million dollars invested for retirement. In one month Clinton blew through savings that would sustain 50 people for 20-30 years. (And many seniors will not have anywhere near that amount saved.)

Clinton speaks often about caring for children. If elected president, she would have to fight with Congress to get any legislation passed raising spending on children’s programs. She probably could have done more good just donating $50 million to a children’s charity, or the state foster care system in her adopted state of New York.

The money spent in presidential and congressional races is a shameful waste. (That does not mean I would favor government funding campaigns and banning private donations. That would be a waste of citizens’ hard-earned tax dollars. And, like most government programs, would surely be full of waste and fraud.) We need to make the campaign season shorter by law to start, and limit all lobbyist donations while a candidate is in office. Campaign financing reform would be more complicated; some suggestions in the past have trampled on individual citizens’ ability to contribute – a form of free speech. But something needs to be done to funnel these funds to areas our society needs more.



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