Posted by: SWL | May 5, 2016

Trump Now Lone GOP Candidate, Clinton likely Dem Choice – Could Future of US Look Much Worse?

I underestimated the American voters’ upset over seven years of Obama administration policies and their fascination with celebrities and put-downs. As Donald Trump continued to insult anyone who even hinted anything negative about him, I thought the public would tire of his arrogance and meanness.

Now Trump is the only Republican candidate who has not “suspended” (read quit) their campaign. What a disaster! Hillary Clinton (who might have more legal/political experience than the original 17 GOP candidates put together) will either chew up Trump or ignore him and stay on her message. The other Republican candidates got flustered when Trump attacked them – how does one respond well to mean, nasty name-calling with few facts? On the other hand, Clinton is pretty unflappable. If Trump uses similar tactics against her, she’ll likely make a few comments and move on, or ignore him altogether. Except that I find the prospect of either of them being the next US president totally depressing, the campaign might be interesting to watch.

I consider this situation so bad, that for the first time in my adult life, I may not vote. I suppose the usual assortment of independent candidates will be on the ballot. Normally I consider my vote wasted on someone like that, even if they have great ideas. But this November, if one of them matches up with what I believe, I may cast my vote to make a statement.



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