Posted by: SWL | February 21, 2016

Trump’s Lies, Part 2

Today I read a second opinion piece about the untruths in Donald Trump’s campaign. I am glad to finally see the truth coming out, especially as Trump accuses other candidates of lying.

Trump’s false claims are nothing new – his collective misstatements were named the 2015 Lie of the Year by PolitiFact – so why has it taken the mainstream media so long to report on this? It is a shame they waited so long. More accurate reports on Trump’s claims while campaigning might cause some voters to reconsider their support.

I certainly do not want another president who exaggerates and lies to the American people. Of course, Trump is not the only candidate telling lies. But he seems to be the one who gets his lies publicized the least. And the fact that Trump has been hammering Ted Cruz for lying (in many cases for things said/done by his staff) while continuing to lie himself is hypocritical, as I wrote about in my last post. Hypocrisy is another trait not suitable for a US president. Trump supporters need to wake up to the fact that he is not fit to be president.



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