Posted by: SWL | February 6, 2016

ABC Wrong to Deny Fiorina Debate Spot

ABC News has denied candidate Carly Fiorina a spot in tonight’s GOP debate based on their “criteria”. I would say their criteria lack substance at best; at worst they are stupid and illogical.

The biggest argument in Fiorina’s favor is that she is the only Republican candidate who will not be on the debate stage. Why would ABC leave out just one candidate? It cannot be that difficult to add one more podium to the stage.  Eight candidates is certainly manageable after 10 or 11 back at the first debate.

ABC said this was no different than when NJ Governor Chris Christie’s poll numbers put him an undercard debate; he worked his way back up and Fiorina can too.  But that supposed justification does not work because Fiorina earned more votes in the Iowa Caucuses than Christie or Ohio Governor John Kasich, both of whom ABC will allow on stage tonight. Including Iowa votes as part of the criteria would have made sense, but I guess ABC doesn’t care about being reasonable.

Since no one will get to hear from Fiorina tonight, I’ve included a link to her official campaign website if you want to learn more about her stand on the issues.



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