Posted by: SWL | February 4, 2016

Sanders Campaign Needs to Educate Its Workers

Thanks to efforts from Nevada Senator Harry Reid to make our state more prominent nationally, Nevada’s caucuses were moved to an earlier spot on the calendar in 2008. Since the Iowa Caucuses last week, the number of telephone calls from campaigns has increased at my house.

Twice today I received calls from people identifying themselves with the Bernie Sanders campaign. I informed the first worker that I was registered non-partisan and she was surprised that one must be registered with one of the two main parties to take part in their caucus. That ignorance is hard to overlook, because that is how all caucuses work. (Non-partisans like myself, or other independents, must change their registration to participate in a caucus.)

The second caller asked if I would vote for Sander in the primary. I explained that he was calling Nevada and that we had a caucus, and went on to explain the non-partisan situation too.

Independent voters, who are not bound by party loyalty, are often more politically educated than party-line voters. If the Sanders campaign wants to win them over, they need to be sure those who man the phones are knowledgeable about the state they are calling. It’s not enough for them to tell voters, as the first caller told me, “He’s awesome.”



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