Posted by: SWL | January 28, 2016

Glad Trump Won’t Go To Debate

Mr. Trump, please stay away from the debate tonight!

I’m tired of Donald Trump bullying his way to being the center of attention.  It will be great to have a debate about important issues, rather than side issues brought up because of crazy remarks made by Trump.

This latest thing with the debate was so childish on both sides.  But Trump started it.  He didn’t need to rehash the complaints he had concerning the very first Republican debate, when Megyn Kelly asked about Trump’s use of insults when referring to women.  It was a legitimate question, given Trump’s long record of calling women names.  Regardless, that was month’s ago (although to campaign watchers it might seem like years).

FOX News’ Twitter response was silly, but witty – just not appropriate for a business.  Making fun of Trump for asking his Twitter followers if he should attend the debate is not professional.

But Trump should not have been so quick to call them on that.  When fellow candidate, Senator Ted Cruz, suggested he and Trump have a one-on-one debate, Trump Tweeted, “Can we have it in Canada?”  (referring to Cruz’ place of birth to American citizens, and continuing Trump’s recurring effort to plant doubt about his closest competitor).  Was that any more grown-up or professional than the FOX News Tweet?

This shows why Trump would make a terrible president:  he insults and makes fun of anyone who doesn’t agree with him, but cannot take the least bit of the same coming back to him.  That kind of unstable temperament would be a huge disadvantage for the president of the world’s biggest economic and military power in dealing with the US Congress or the heads of other nations.



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