Posted by: SWL | November 9, 2015

NFL 2015-2016: Commentators Too Quick to Write-off Kaepernick

Sunday the San Francisco 49ers squeaked out a one point win over the Atlanta Falcons with Blaine Gabbert as starting QB. After almost every Niners’ play, FOX commentators talked about how Gabbert did better than QB Colin Kaepernick has done so far this season. As a Kaepernick fan, I’m biased, but sports commentators and writers are getting a bit too excited – it was only a one point win.

Kap has not been playing well this season. Since he’s not the type to speak badly of the team or coaches, it’s been difficult to say just what the problem is. But many northern Nevada sportscasters and writers, who know Kap better than the national media after following his University of Nevada-Reno career, are saying that they think Kaepernick is being made the scapegoat for all the team’s problems.

I have to question the judgement of those making roster choices. Besides benching Kaepernick, they traded Vernon Davis for 6th and 7th round draft picks. Practically giving away an asset like Davis seems like a stupid move. Maybe money was the issue, with Davis near the end of his contract. But if financial considerations drive roster decisions, the 49ers are doomed to have losing seasons.

I think the sports media needs to hold off a few more weeks before saying Kaepernick is washed up. Gabbert has not proven himself in one game.



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