Posted by: SWL | October 29, 2015

US Representatives Vote for Unlimited Debt Increases ’til March 2017

What was the Republican House of Representatives thinking???!!! They passed a spending bill that included approval of unlimited increases in the US debt ceiling until March 2017 (two months after the next president is inaugurated). Congress is the branch of US government tasked with approving federal spending – this bill removes the oversight power Congress has over the executive branch. The administration has been given a blank check.

Governing is a compromise between various needs, various political interests. But compromise means both (or multiple) factions receive something in return for giving up something. This deal gives the administration/Democrats basically everything they want (or will decide they want in the next year) while giving almost nothing in return.

The measure still needs Senate approval. The Republicans have a smaller majority in the Senate, so passage is virtually assured. Sen. Rand Paul says he will filibuster, i.e. spend lots of time talking against the bill, threatening to push the vote until the early hours of the morning. It’s good to see someone with the courage to stand (literally) for what they believe, even if there is little chance of winning anyone over to their point of view.

A filibuster also gives constituents time to make their opinions known. If you think unlimited debt increases are a danger to the country, please contact your Senator immediately!



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