Posted by: SWL | October 4, 2015

NFL 2015-16: Family Rivalry Weekend at My House

Packers vs 49ers

Love can survive football rivalry

Today was the game of the season I look forward to but also dread: the family rivalry between the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers. My 49ers have come out on top in the last few meetings, but the way they’ve been playing this season, I was pretty sure my spouse would be the happy one at the end of today’s game. And SF lived down to my expectations, leaving me as the one to be the butt of jokes until next season.

Things didn’t go too badly in the first half. I was impressed by the Niners’ defensive performance against Aaron Rodgers and the Packer offense. The defense looked so much stronger than they had in last week’s loss to the AZ Cardinals. But, although looking better than last week, SF QB Colin Kaepernick still struggled. While both the offense and defense could share the blame last Sunday, today the problems rested squarely in the offense.

The second half was even worse. I quit counting after Kaepernick was sacked for the sixth time. I suppose that was better than 4 interceptions at AZ, but that’s just comparing negatives.

Kaepernick just doesn’t look himself this season. I would have thought off-season work with the legendary Kurt Warner could only improve Kap’s game, but maybe he’s trying too hard to change some aspect of his style. Could it be the change in head coach? Maybe Kap has had difficulty adapting to the changes in the offensive starting line-up this year, or maybe the strength in offense last year hid some of Kap’s flaws. I hope Colin can work through whatever is hindering him – not just so the Niners can win some games, but for the sake of his career.



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