Posted by: SWL | September 27, 2015

NCAA 2015: Sun Devils’ New Uniforms Didn’t Bring Good Luck vs. USC

ASU & Arizona joined the PAC-10 in 1978

ASU & Arizona joined the PAC-10 in 1978

I’ve been following Arizona State football since the 1970s. Rarely have I seen a Sun Devil performance as poor as last night’s against USC. (It was certainly nothing like the 1978, 20-7 win over the Trojans during ASU’s first season in the then PAC-10.)

I would not have wanted to be on the field where the temperature was 99 degrees at 7:30 in the evening. But the Sun Devils practice in those conditions every day. By the way, the game wasn’t scheduled for that late just to get TV coverage – ASU normally plays all their home games at that time. It’s always more exciting to watch a game in person, but I prefer my livingroom to the intense heat radiating off the bleachers in Sun Devil Stadium, which is more enclosed (and oven-like) now then in my days as a student.

Maybe the USC Trojans liked the dry heat in Arizona, because they had little trouble scoring points. Not that they were perfect. Late in the first half, one of the television commentators asked the other if he thought ASU was really so bad or if USU was just really good. His partner answered with the conclusion I had already come to: ASU was causing their own problems. On offense, there were numerous interceptions and an inability to score even within 10 yards of the goal. And the defense didn’t seem to know how to tackle, allowing Trojan players to get past them throughout the game.

Sparky's pitchfork

Not much to fear from the fork this season

The mistakes were in multiple areas and repeated over and over and over . . . So this was not just a bad night. Nothing is impossible with hard work. but it looks like it will take a gargantuan effort for Todd Graham and his team to come up with a winning season.



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