Posted by: SWL | August 10, 2015

Give Trump a Pass on Megyn Kelly Comments

Enough about Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly! The news media is allowing that to overshadow real news. This morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, the anchors and guests discussed this non-controversy for the first half hour of the show, and came back to it later besides. I heard very little from them about the outbreak of violence in Ferguson, MO on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. CNN did a bit better, putting the Trump nonsense after a short report about Ferguson.

I am willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt this time. His explanation was that he started to expand on his initial “blood coming out of her eyes” comment, then decided to just move on to something else, so added the “whatever” to end that comment.

Given how much Trump talks, and how he bounces from one thing to another, this at least sounds reasonable. Personally, I’d like to see the media ignore much of what Trump says.

As for the question in the GOP debate that brought this on, Trump seems somewhat correct. I did not observe that Kelly was angry, but she had a hard edge to her voice when posing the question concerning Trump’s comments about women. All evening she looked and sounded as if she were trying to get the better of the candidates, especially Trump.

It was a bad call by FOX News to have Kelly ask that question. It would have looked better – more sensitive? – if one of the male moderators had asked it. Kelly just looked like a woman upset with Trump for insulting her gender.

The entire incident would have been avoided if the debate questions had been less personal and more connected to the important issues facing the US heading into next year’s election.



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