Posted by: SWL | June 15, 2015

Jeb Officially Enters 2016 Presidential Race

Today John Ellis Bush, aka Jeb, made the official announcement of his intention to run for president of the US.

(Finally! Is anyone else tired of unofficial candidates campaigning while telling everyone they will make an “announcement” at a later date?)

With so many Republican candidates – official and unofficial – in the race, it’s impossible to predict who will receive the nomination. But there can be a lot of interesting comparisons made over the next several months.

On the positive side for Bush, he has great experience as a former governor of Florida. Currently he is one of four governors in the race, with two more “exploring” the possibility. Bush has name recognition and some good principles and ideas.

His name recognition is also a negative factor. For me, if he is the best candidate, I do not have a problem with Jeb being related to two former presidents. But I think it could be a turn-off to some voters. (Although that would be cancelled out if if his opponent were Hillary Clinton, wife of a former president.)

Personally, I disagree with Bush on the Common Core education standards and some aspects of immigration reform. But a more moderate Republican might have a better chance of winning the presidency than a conservative. Certainly, Jeb could siphon some Latino votes from the Democrats.

Stay tuned to the news – there are more Republican announcements to come.



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