Posted by: SWL | May 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Know How to Help Middle Class

Hillary Clinton said today that the American middle class is struggling and, if elected president, she will reshuffle the deck. Who is she trying to fool?

(Actually, she is trying to fool the middle class into voting for her. Neither President Obama or Mrs. Clinton mention the poor any more. The poor need more help than other Americans, but the Democrats take their vote for granted, assuming the poor will vote for the politicians that continue to increase their federal benefits.)

Back to candidate Clinton’s statement:
* She has no idea what the middle class really needs. When she was First Lady, her family’s meals were paid for by taxpayers and prepared by a professional chef. Currently she receives $200,000 or more for making a speech, more than my family earns in a year. She cannot possibly understand how I feel when I am at a store and see that the price of something I use regularly has risen for the second or third time this year.
* Government can “reshuffle the deck”, but not in any ways that will raise the quality of life for the middle class long-term. All government can do is tax the wealthiest Americans and create programs to distribute the money to the middle class. That will put the middle class in the same bind as the poor: stay where you are economically to retain benefits, or try to make more of yourself, earn more and lose benefits – thereby remaining at the same overall income level.
* Redistribution of wealth by government does not work. During the decades when Russia and countries they had conquered were the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, everyone but the ruling elite lived in poverty in an economy that continually struggled to provide for the needs of the population. Both Russia and Communist China now rely heavily on capitalist business principles.
* Few believe Clinton will actually confiscate much of the earnings of the wealthiest Americans. She is supported by many wealthy citizens, including most of Hollywood. If they truly believed Clinton was going to take most of their money, they would not support her. Call me a skeptic, but I don’t think anyone will support a candidate whose policies will hurt them deeply.

Right now, Clinton is big on slogans, short on detailed plans. Don’t be fooled! Analyze the proposals of all candidates before making a decision about who to support.



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