Posted by: SWL | September 22, 2014

NFL 2014-15: Penalties Big Reason 49ers Lose Two in a Row

Go NinersWhat happened to my 49ers this season? The same key personnel as last year are present, and those who were on the injured reserve early last season are healthy this year. But they look like a different team!

SF Coach Jim Harbaugh is a serious guy; he rarely even smiles when the team gets a TD. I would assume he handles the team with the same seriousness and expects players to play tough and fairly. The nine penalties against the Niners yesterday and 16 the week before are definitely not the norm for them. What is going on?

While the 49ers’ defense looked pretty good Sunday, the Cardinals’ defense was exceptional, putting pressure on SF QB Colin Kaepernick during virtually every play. But I think the penalties, which totaled over 100 yards, were the biggest factor in this loss.

The guys need to get their emotions under control immediately. Another loss this early in the season could keep San Francisco out of the play-offs months down the road.



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