Posted by: SWL | September 10, 2014

Media Focuses on Wrong Aspect of Ray Rice Video

For two days I’ve been hearing news anchors debating whether the NFL Commissioner knew about the video of the Ravens’ Ray Rice shoving his then girlfriend (now his wife) against the wall of an elevator. (Actually, most of the anchors were convicting and condemning as if they knew every detail of the situation.)

Domestic violence is an issue that does not get enough attention. The NFL and the Baltimore Ravens did not treat this incident as seriously as they should have. But they were called out for that, have apologized and fired Rice.

That aspect of the incident is over and done. Anything else is a law enforcement matter and/or a problem for the Rices to work out, hopefully with professional counseling.

The media missed the point almost entirely. A question that should have been explored with experts is why Janay Rice married a man who treated her so poorly. But I guess that is a private matter between her and Ray. But general questions of why so many women stay with abusive men and often recant abuse accusations could have been debated. Discussions of these aspects of domestic violence would educate viewers, which is more helpful than speculating who knew what when.



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