Posted by: SWL | July 7, 2014

Obama Will Ignore Border Crisis During TX Fundraising

Thousands of children from Central American countries have poured over the US border this year – already about 20,000 more than in 2013. There are reports that many of these children have health problems, from head lice to worse. Cities near the border are protesting the Department of Homeland Security busing these illegal immigrant children to their areas.

So what is President Obama doing? So far, very little. Administration officials appeared on the Sunday news talk shows, but offered only vague answers.

The President will be going to Texas this week for a fundraising event, but will not visit any location on the border to see the situation for himself.

Democrats ridiculed President George W. Bush when he flew in Air Force One over the areas with damage from Hurricane Katrina. They insisted he needed to visit New Orleans in person.

How come no one is urging President Obama to see the conditions on the border with his own eyes?



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