Posted by: SWL | January 31, 2014

Why I Won’t Watch Super Bowl XLVIII

As much as I enjoy watching football, I need a team to cheer for or I lose interest in the game. Obviously, it’s easy if one of our family favorites is playing. If not, I might root for a team one of my daughters or sons-in-law like, or the team in a place I’ve lived. But none of that works for Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Under different circumstances I might cheer for Seattle since they are in the same conference as my favorite San Francisco 49ers. But since the Seahawks just beat my team 2 weeks ago for the conference championship, I cannot bring myself to do that.

I felt bad for Peyton Manning having to leave Indianapolis after playing for them his entire career up until then. That would have led me to cheer for him, if he hadn’t become a Denver Bronco. I have never liked that team and especially did not like John Elway when he was their QB. That dislike increased dramatically because of how badly the Broncos treated Tim Tebow after he almost single-handedly led them to one game from the conference championship two seasons ago. (Elway owns 10% of the team and is the front office executive who does much of the team hiring.)

I thought I might watch the game for the commercials. But most of this year’s have been shown on news programs and CBS’s “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials” Wednesday evening. And, of course, they can be seen on the Internet. (Personally, I think releasing them prior to the Super Bowl is a marketing mistake.)

There doesn’t seem to be any motivation to watch the big game this year. My spouse has expressed some interest in watching, so it may be on at our house. But I think I’ll find something else to do. I won’t be the only one skipping the game – San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick says he won’t be watching the game either.

(My less than technical analysis leads me to predict that the Broncos will win.)



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