Posted by: SWL | January 22, 2014

41 Years of Legal Abortion = Deaths of 56 Million American Babies

Today is the 41st anniversary of a Supreme Court decision that changed the social fabric of the US: Roe vs. Wade. That decision, along with the companion case, Doe vs. Bolton, essentially legalized abortion throughout all 40 weeks of pregnancy. In four decades, 56 million children have been killed by saline injection poisoning, dismemberment, chemical poisoning and the hideous procedure where a tiny body is partially delivered and its spinal cord cut.

What would America look like with 56 million more citizens? Maybe a bit more crowded, but also more economically stable. With an average of 1.3 million abortions per year, more than 27 million of those babies would now be adults. Most would have jobs, paying taxes to keep the federal debt under control. Maybe most importantly, they would be paying into the Social Security system, keeping it solvent and viable farther into the future.

Abortion has led to greater acceptance of other ideas/procedures that disrespect people’s right to live. Euthanasia is not as accepted as abortion, but more and more often hospitals are denying treatment that used to be considered standard: ventilators, feeding tubes, hydration. And many people even volunteer for this withdrawal of treatment by signing “living wills”, many of which are so vaguely worded that they allow the hospital or care center to interpret the directive anyway they like (almost always in favor of death).

Being pro-life is not just about babies. It’s about seeing Grandma and Grandpa as human beings – not just bodies – near the end of their lives. Its about providing the best care for special needs and foster children. Its about opposing government programs that keep people in or near poverty (high taxes, burdensome small business regulations, welfare programs that build dependency, etc.). It’s about supporting laws and law enforcement that treats everyone fairly and keeps us all safe.

The following video summarizes the pro-life position.



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