Posted by: SWL | January 5, 2014

NFL 2013-14: Forty-Niners 23, Frozen Tundra 20

All football season we’ve been trying to make garlic fries that taste like the ones served at Candlestick Park. This afternoon they were close to perfect. The San Francisco 49ers made a few mistakes today, but were close to perfect too.

The Niners didn’t seemed affected by the five degree kick-off temperature at Lambeau Field. The 49ers defense did a fantastic job of holding Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The Packers defense also did a great job. The game came down to which offense could get past the opposing defense. In the first half that was clearly the 49ers. But Rodgers and the GB offense were much stronger and effective after halftime. I was impressed by Eddie Lacy, who was able to stay on his feet even when multiple SF players tried to take him down. Green Bay was able to sustain their drives because of his 81 rushing yards.

Colin Kaepernik had his problems; many of his passes overshot the intended receiver. But his signature sprint, which has been missing most of the season, got first downs for the Niners when it mattered most. Kap’s 11 yard run near the end of the game enabled Phil Dawson to kick the winning field goal from a comfortable distance.

My spouse blames the absence of Green Bay’s Clay Matthews (out with a thumb injury) for the Packers defeat, but San Francisco had a better record coming into the game. Record trumped the Frozen Tundra this time.

Next up for the 49ers: the Carolina Panthers. This will be a more difficult game, since Carolina beat SF earlier in the season. But payback can be a powerful motivator!

Beat Carolina!

Beat Carolina!

(Did you notice all the blaze orange clothing in the crowd? In northern Wisconsin the warmest outerwear many people have is their hunting gear.)



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