Posted by: SWL | January 2, 2014

Rose Parade Restores Hope American Innovation Can Solve Country’s Problems

On New Year’s Eve I was pretty down about the state of our country, and my post just after midnight reflected that mood.

I dragged myself out of bed at 8 a.m. (Pacific time) to watch the Rose Parade. What I saw restored my hope for America. If people can use such imagination and innovation for parade floats, they can also find imaginative, innovative solutions to our nation’s problems. Government (at all levels) just needs to get out of the way and let Americans invent and/or reinvent processes and institutions, something they do better than anyone else in the world.

(My favorite float was “Adventures n Space” from Public Storage. Three large green alien beings rode their own mini floats off the larger vehicle and then back on. And I always look forward to the latest innovation from the students at Cal Poly. This year they put flowers in vials attached to a moving base, which simulated small waves in the water.)



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