Posted by: SWL | November 20, 2013

Dick Cheney’s Daughters Squabble Publicly Over Gay Marriage

There was an interesting dust-up between Liz and Mary Cheney, daughters of former Vice-President Dick Cheney, this weekend. Mary Cheney is a lesbian, married to her long-term partner and mother to two. Liz Cheney is a married heterosexual, mother of five and running for US Senate in Wyoming.

Liz appeared on “FOX News Sunday” and spoke about various issues in her Congressional race against incumbent Mike Enzi. It sounds as if she is working hard to come across as more conservative than Enzi. When asked about how a gay sister might affect the race, Liz stated that she has always been a supporter of traditional marriage.

Mary Cheney and her wife both posted comments on Facebook Monday, stating shock and disappointment that Liz would make those comments and wondering how Liz could spend time with them and their children if she felt that way.

Come on! Since when does a sibling support every choice the other makes? Disagreement should not affect a loving family relationship.

When my sister decided to move in with a guy, I thought it was a poor choice, but did not quit visiting her. When my daughter made a similar choice years later, my spouse and I did not disinherit her. Our daughter knew where we stood on this issue; we did not have to explain our views to her. We remained in touch (she lives over 1000 miles away) and ready to listen when she telephoned to cry or vent when the relationship hit bumpy areas. Our other daughter maintained her relationship with her sister at the level it had always been.

It could be that the Cheney sisters are not close, but it is more likely that this is pure politics. It is a shame Mary Cheney chose to take the sibling relationship into the public sphere, forcing her parents to issue a statement late Monday supporting both daughters.



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