Posted by: SWL | October 6, 2013

NFL 2013-14: Texans Should Reevaluate After 34-3 Loss to 49ers

Ah-h! My favorite team playing at my favorite day and time for NFL football.

Given the Texans performance against Seattle last week, I thought my 49ers would have a battle tonight. Although Houston blew a big lead to give the Seahawks the win, it was impressive that they could hold off Seattle as long as they did.

Tonight Texans QB Matt Schraub was intercepted by Niner Tramaine Brock in the second minute of the game for a 49er TD. The NBC commentators immediately pounced, citing the statistic that Schaub has been picked in four games straight. Stats are cut and dried, but this one wasn’t really Schaub’s fault; the receiver’s hands came within inches of the ball when Brock came flying from behind to spirit the ball away.

Interestingly, Houston had possession most of the first quarter, but scored no points to answer SF’s 14. The Texans managed to control the ball much of the second quarter as well, but the 49ers still scored another TD.

Things changed after halftime. Possession time was pretty equal in the third and both teams had kicked field goals with just a few minutes left in the quarter. The Texans took a chance at gaining a yard on a fourth down and made it plus some. They threatened to score when Schaub was intercepted again, this time by Tony Jerrod-Eddie.

At that point SF QB Colin Kaepernick had only completed 4 out of 13 passes. He improved that stat seconds into the fourth quarter with a 64-yard bomb to Vernon Davis who danced along the sideline almost untouched for the TD.

Early in the fourth quarter (after his third interception), Schaub was replaced with TJ Yates. That didn’t help Houston much. Texan Ben Tate fumbled a Yates pass, which was recovered by SF’s Tarell Brown and carried down to the Houston 8-yard line. The 49ers should have been able to cover those eight yards in 3 plays, but had to settle for a field goal.

SF Coach Jim Harbaugh switched out Kaepernick for Colt McCoy at the 2-minute warning. At this point it was all about running out the clock. McCoy himself rushed on each of the next three plays, for a total loss of three yards! The Texans had one last play in the remaining seconds, but didn’t even try the usual Hail Mary pass, instead giving the ball to Cierre Wood for five useless yards before the clock ran out.

San Francisco wins 34 – 3. This loss gives Houston a 2 – 3 record. That’s not too bad, but when they have possession of the football almost eight minutes more than the opposition, the score should be closer. The Texans need to reevaluate, especially in their offense.



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