Posted by: SWL | September 30, 2013

Senate Dems: Pass CR Our Way or Face a Shutdown

(update Oct. 15 – The bottom line is that nothing much has changed. Today the House proposed a CR with no stipulations, a clean increase in the debt ceiling, and a provision to enforce the actual wording of the Affordable Care Act that Congress and Congressional staff members get their insurance from the healthcare exchanges – without the subsidies the Obama administration granted them without legal authority. Senator Reid called that extreme and President Obama said he would veto such a bill.)

It is extremely frustrating that the Democrats – and most of the news media – continue to say a government shutdown would be the fault of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Yesterday’s Reno Gazette-Journal ran an article about the third version of a continuing resolution (CR), with the headline “House moves nation toward gridlock”. It seems to me that any proposal is an effort to move forward, not create gridlock.

This third version of the bill would fund the government until December 15, delay the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) one year and repeal the Obamacare 2.3% tax on medical devices (diabetes supplies, prosthetic limbs, sleep apnea masks etc.) [Related story here.]

The House has put forth two versions of legislation now, trying to get Senate approval. But Senate Majority Harry Reid has insisted that the Democrat-controlled Senate will not pass anything but a clean CR (i.e. legislation that only provides for funding the government, no additional items.) Reid is the one creating the impasse. Negotiation is a normal part of Congress’ legislative process, but Reid has said it must be his party’s way or no bill will pass. Using coercion and threats is not the preferred way to run the country.

Although the House passed their bill very early Sunday morning, the Senate did not even return to work until this afternoon. If this is such a crisis shouldn’t they have come back into session on Sunday, or at least right away this morning? Again, who is really delaying things and making a shutdown more likely?

Regardless of your political leanings or your feelings on a shutdown, look at exactly what is being said and done (or not done) and by whom, before assigning blame.



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