Posted by: SWL | September 15, 2013

NFL 2013-14: Seahawks Defense Shuts Down 49ers’ Kaepernick

The San Francisco 49ers looked awful tonight. Or maybe I should say the Seattle Seahawks looked exceptionally good.

San Francisco lost four starters to injury throughout the game, hampering their efforts. I suppose the rain/lightening delay could have disrupted their concentration. Without those difficulties, the 49ers might have scored more than three points, but I expect they would still have lost the game.

The game wasn’t the duel between hotshot young QBs that I’d expected. Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson completed just 46% and 42% of their passes respectively.

Last week, in San Francisco, the Green Bay Packers managed to keep Kaepernick from running. So he just relied on his great arm and set a career record of 412 yards in a single game. (Joe Montana is the only other 49er QB to throw for more yards in one game.) Obviously Seattle’s defense had done its homework and shut down Kap completely right from the start. He rarely throws an interception, but had three tonight. Interestingly, Kap ran for more yards than the rest of the team combined, but mostly when forced. San Francisco’s scant yardage shows how effective the Seahawk’s defense was overall.

Tonight Seattle looked ready for the Super Bowl. But I’m not counting the 49ers out yet. After all, they lost to Seattle last season, but still ended up as the NFC’s representative in New Orleans.

Go Niners




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