Posted by: SWL | September 12, 2013

Continued Sadness Over 9-11 is Good; We Must Never Forget

Watching news footage from the 9-11 attacks and aftermath, and seeing the still-raw emotions of victims’ families at today’s memorial services, left an ache in my stomach. While not as intense as in 2001, I doubt the pain and sadness will ever go away entirely.

And actually, I hope it never does. I watched extra news coverage today, although I knew it would not be pleasant, as a way to remember and honor those who died. If these memorial services ever become just another national “holiday”, we will have become complacent and put ourselves at greater risk.

Already the US has a generation coming of age that did not experience 9-11 themselves. My 10-year-old grandson has heard about 9-11 in school, but I am not sure if he has seen any video of the attacks. In the next year or two I will make sure he sees it, even if I have to watch with him. He and his peers need to have more than just factual knowledge.

The families of the 9-11 victims need the continued prayers of the nation. They have lost more than the rest of us can possibly understand.

Note: October 3, 2013 is the deadline for anyone to register for the 9-11 Victims’ Compensation Fund. Although there is a list of “Approved” illnesses to qualify for funds, it is being recommended that anyone working or living in the area of the World Trade Center register regardless of whether they have contracted any illnesses. This will protect them if they become ill later.




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