Posted by: SWL | August 29, 2013

2013-14 Pre-season: Harbaugh Names McCoy #2 QB after 49ers Sunday Night Win Over Vikings

Sunday Night Football is my favorite weekly game. I usually miss the Sunday morning games while attending church services. For the afternoon games, I’m rushing to get together some lunch to eat while watching the game. Monday and Thursday nights are tough because the games begin at 5:00 in the Pacific time zone which conflicts with the end of the work day.

But on Sunday nights by 5:00 pm I’ve finished reading the Sunday newspaper and doing any chores I choose to tackle on my day of rest. Nothing to do but enjoy the game. This past Sunday evening’s game was even better than usual because the San Francisco Forty-Niners won.

The Minnesota Vikings had possession first, but QB Christian Ponder just couldn’t make any yardage. He was sacked a minute into the game.

I’m hoping that University of Nevada superstar and last year’s sensation Colin Kaepernick can deliver performances like last season. Sunday’s first series was pretty unremarkable. Surprising to me, Coach Harbaugh put Kap back in after Minnesota punted. But again the 49ers couldn’t move far down the field before giving the football back to the Vikings.

San Francisco’s great defense went to work again with Justin Smith sacking the Viking’s QB. Minnesota had still not gotten any first downs when they had to give up the ball with about eight minutes left in the first quarter.

Kaepernick was still calling the plays. He threw two incomplete passes and escaped a sack attempt. Then two sharp, short passes put the team on the 10 yard line. A touchdown soon followed. Score: 10-0 Niners. Kap left the game 7 for 13 overall.

Colt McCoy was the Niners’ QB for the second and third quarters. Minnesota intercepted the ball near the end of the second quarter and got a TD with three minutes left. On the ensuing kick-off San Francisco’s Lavelle Hawkins returned the ball 105 yards for a TD. He pointed the ball at the opposition as he crossed the goal line, then took off his helmet during his end zone celebration. The referee called unsportsmanlike conduct on both actions. Minnesota accepted the 15-yard helmet penalty enforced on the kick-off.

On the first play SF intercepted. They couldn’t follow-up with a TD, but a field goal attempt was good. But a penalty was called, requiring a replay of the down. The second FG attempt was also good, bringing the score at the half to 20-7.

The Vikings got a TD in the third quarter. Also in the third, some fans ran onto the field from the stands in one end zone. There was a delay in the game as police rounded them up.

BJ Daniels lead the Niners most of the fourth quarter. Hawkins was penalized again for unsportsmanlike conduct. With roster cuts coming his weekend, he needs to stay focused during the game against San Diego tonight. Seneca Wallace, signed to the team less than a week before this game, handled the last three snaps of the contest.

Final score: 34-14 San Francisco.

McCoy, who was 11 for 15 for the night, was named the Niners’ #2 QB shortly after the game, ending 3 weeks of speculation. The #3 position should be decided by the end of tonight’s match with the Chargers.



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