Posted by: SWL | June 11, 2013

Moving Controversial Women into Key Posts Shows Disregard for Congress, Public

Recent appointments and promotions in the Obama administration seem to indicate an intention to “fundamentally transform” the US government through lies, deception and cover-ups.

As facts were coming out last month about the IRS stalling applications from conservative groups for non-profit status, we learned that the woman who spearheaded this at the Cincinnati IRS office, Lois Lerner, was promoted to be in charge of IRS oversight of sections of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). I am surprised that no one has called for her removal from this position. Whether she instigated the targeting of conservatives or followed orders from her superiors, it raises serious questions about whether she will treat everyone fairly in matters related to the individual purchase mandate and employer benefits for employees.

Then last week President Obama personally appointed Susan Rice to head the National Security Agency (NSA). She became a household name after she appeared on several television news shows within days of the attack on the Benghazii Libya consulate and lied about what the administration knew concerning the reasons behind the incident. Soon after it was rumored that Mr. Obama might nominate Rice to be Secretary of State, and some conservative Senators said they would never vote to approve such a nomination. The appointment to the NSA does not require Senate confirmation, so Mr. Obama has managed to put Rice in a key position and Congress cannot do anything to stop it. (As with Lois Lerner’s promotion, being ordered to lie by superiors is not an excuse. Someone who lies cannot be trusted with matters of national security.)

I can only think of two reasons for such arrogance in promoting/appointing people who clearly have violated ethics and the trust of the American people.
* President Obama has been stymied in getting many parts of his political/social agenda implemented. Now during his second term, since he does not have to worry about re-election, he is going to put people in place who can work his agenda into various agency regulations. This way he can ignore Congress.

* The other possibility may be that the President is using each scandal to take attention away from the other. Fallout from Benghazi had died down, but then survivors and others closely connected to the consulate and slain Ambassador Chris Stevens came forward with information that cast a whole new light on the actions of the administration, especially Susan Rice’s television appearances. Congress heard their sworn testimony the first full week of May, and on May 10 news broke concerning the IRS targeting conservative groups. Outrage over that immediately pushed aside all media reports on Benghazi. (What lends credence to my theory is testimony that the IRS information was “leaked” by Lerner in response to a staged question at a news conference.) Now the IRS scandal has been simmering for a while, with some ridiculous testimony before Congress (“we gave poor customer service”). As it drags on, the President makes an appointment of someone who is sure to draw conservative protests and hence media coverage.

The first possibility is calculated and manipulative. The second scenario is all politics. The first would certainly be worse than the second. But either, if true, would show that President Obama and his advisers think they can control the news media and fool the public.



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