Posted by: SWL | February 13, 2013

2013 State of the Union Speech: Republican Response

Last night, after President Obama gave his State of the Union speech, the Republican response was given by Florida Senator Marco Rubio. If I had not watched both speeches, I would have no idea what Rubio said, because the media is focusing only on one little oddity in Rubio’s presentation.

During the speech, Rubio apparently became extremely thirsty. So he reached for a nearby bottle of water. Unfortunately, the water was just out of reach and Rubio had to awkwardly bend and move a bit from where he was standing.

Over the last 40 or so years, political scenes such as this have become much more polished. So this appeared a little strange. But the way the news media and Democratic pundits are reporting and Tweeting, you would think Rubio had suggested Republicans shut down Congress or flee to Canada or stage a coup. Is one drink of water that important? Is it really worth taking air time to discuss instead of adding more details to coverage of both speeches?

The Democratic leaders and media members who are making an issue of this are probably ecstatic that there was some inconsequential action on which to focus, so they do not have to debate the merits of Rubio’s comments. My alternative hypothesis is that they are so shallow that appearance is more important than substance. I hope we have not gone that far down that road.



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