Posted by: SWL | November 11, 2012

NCAA 2012: Texas A&M Win Over Alabama Shows They Can Compete in SEC

At the beginning of the college football season, some said that Missouri and Texas A&M would have a difficult time competing in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). A&M’s upset of undefeated #1 Alabama should answer the critics’ concerns. Many upset wins are the result of “luck” – an interception by the underdogs or a stupid mistake or penalty by the favored team. But Texas A&M worked hard throughout the entire game for their victory.

A&M’s endurance was rewarded with a #8 spot in this week’s BCS rankings (up from #15). Alabama dropped to #4; the championship game could still be within reach if two of the top three teams would lose one or more games.

Speaking of the BCS, why is the University of Florida still in the top 10? Although the BSC computer program considers the strength of opponents, it must give a lot more credit just for a win. On Saturday, Florida barely managed to beat Louisiana-Lafayette 27-20 with a blocked punt return in the last two seconds of regulation time. Odds makers predicted a Gator win by a margin of 27 points. Florida has managed to win all but one game this season, but most were won by a small margin in the fourth quarter. (Apologies to my Gator daughter. I’m an honest fan and want the teams I support to receive good rankings and accolades because they have earned them by how they played each game, not just because they eked out a win.)



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