Posted by: SWL | November 7, 2012

New Attempts to “Transform” Government Likely in Obama Second Term

This morning the sky was still blue, the sun was still shining, and the wind was blowing leaves off the trees. The world had not ended because Barack Obama was re-elected. But four years from now, when the American electorate has replaced a two-term President Obama, we may find America has drastically changed.

In his victory speech late last night, Mr. Obama said that the American spirit and Americans coming together are what make America great. He forgets that our Democratic Republic form of government is what gives us the freedom to dream and succeed, which feeds the American spirit and attracts immigrants to our shores. But last night’s speech was not meant to be factual. It was about reveling in the victory, about looking impressive and presidential.

The President did state his plan for the next four years in general terms. It was identical to the agenda laid out in the 2008 campaign, with the exception of healthcare reform, the only major accomplishment of the last four years. Mr. Obama may have spoken last night about restoring and unifying America, but since his agenda is the same, you can assume that his overall goal is the same – to “fundamentally transform” America.

I do not understand why 50-51% of Americans have bought into the Obama plan. Despite the recent recession, high unemployment, etc., the US is still a country with many resources and a government that fosters freedom. Why would the US need to be transformed? Small changes to improve an already good system maybe, but not transformed.

I can transform a tomato by chopping and cooking it to make tomato sauce. It retains some of the original taste characteristics, but its form is totally different. Most importantly, it cannot be returned to its original form.

Does American government need to be changed into a completely different form? I do not think so! Even if we wanted to go that route, our system was debated and organized by a group of men who had just fought for their freedom and wanted to set up a form of government that would endure and guard freedoms. The thoughts of many went into the Constitution. Now we have one man trying to impose his vision for a government that would limit much of our freedom to innovate (through higher business taxes, more regulations) and some individual freedoms.*

That is apparently what half of the electorate wants. Or more likely they want to believe in the promise of a bigger, better America without looking too closely at the necessary trade-offs. Without the need to please the citizens to win re-election, I fear Mr. Obama and Senate Democrats will try to push through legislation for the more radical parts of his vision. Right now I have never been more thankful for our government’s system of checks and balances. Republicans still control the House of Representatives and that should stop any closed door, hurried deals such as the one we saw with healthcare reform. It will continue to be important for taxpayers to express their views to their elected representatives. They work for us, so they should speak (and vote) for us in Congress. Hold them accountable.

* The Obama administration is already working to limit individual choices in:
# energy
> cars, fuels, light bulbs
# healthcare
> must purchase insurance
> eliminated some types of insurance plans
> less choice of providers as more will not accept Medicare patients due to reduced government payments
# how to use your earnings
> new tax on employer paid portion of health insurance
> new tax on medical devices
> tinkering with economy reduced value & lowered interest on investments & savings
> tinkering with economy made it more difficult to obtain a mortgage
# information
> President signed Executive Order in July allowing government to shut down “private, non-military communications networks” (includes Internet) in an emergency (not defined)



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