Posted by: SWL | November 4, 2012

Possibility Biden Could Inherit Presidency Scares Me

Even if I was neutral on which presidential candidate should win the election, having Joe Biden on the Democrat ticket would cause me to vote for the Romney-Ryan Republican duo. The possibility of Joe Biden as president is a grave concern for me.

Biden does not have control over his speech and has no sense of decorum or propriety. At the signing of the Obama healthcare legislation in 2010, Biden shook hands with Mr. Obama right behind the microphone the President had just used (Biden had to have known it was still live) and said “This is a big f____ing deal.” Before a group of black Americans in August, Biden said the Republicans want to put “y’all back in chains.” Whether you think he was playing the race card or just misspoke/was misunderstood does not matter – a thoughtful, wise leader would not have risked using those words at all.

Biden does not seem concerned about details. While in Ohio, he said he was glad to be in Iowa. Speaking about when he was sworn in as VP, he referred to Justice John Paul Stevens as Justice Stewart. In a 2008 interview with Katie Couric, Biden spoke about how President Franklin Roosevelt went on television to talk to Americans after the stock market crash. (Problem? FDR was not president in 1929 and there were no general television broadcasts.)

(Read more of Biden’s gaffes and crazy “facts” here.)

Biden says he is a Catholic, but openly advocates for policies that are against church teachings. He certainly is not the only Catholic to do that. But you should be concerned about this whether you are religious or not, because it shows hypocrisy and also a lack of loyalty.

I have voted in numerous presidential elections and never worried before about the VP candidate. Joe Biden has a likeable personality, and therefore many forgive his gaffes. But I don’t want my country represented by someone who could easily insult foreign leaders. Biden’s lack of concern for accuracy is disturbing. It seems like he lacks knowledge which makes me wonder how he could do his job in the Senate, let alone handle the presidency if something happened to Mr. Obama.



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