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Josh Romney Tours Northern Nevada

As a registered independent voter in a swing state, I have been getting multiple campaign calls each day for months: polls asking if I intend to vote and which candidates I prefer, recorded super-PAC messages listing the good points of their candidate (or bad points of the opponent), invitations to Romney campaign events, and one from an Obama campaign worker seeking volunteers for his campaign.

Until this week, the Romney events were all taking place in Reno. I was surprised when Sunday evening’s call announced appearances by Mitt Romney’s son, Josh, across northern Nevada. As a political blogger, I could not resist such an invitation. The Romney website made it easy to RSVP for the visit closest to my home.

Josh Romney & sons
in Winnemucca, NV

The campaign bus rolled into Winnemucca yesterday evening, after about 230 miles and three other stops. Between 40 and 60 people were waiting at The Pig BBQ restaurant. Josh Romney was accompanied by two of his five children: six-year old Owen, and Nash who is almost two. He began his remarks with the obligatory compliments to the area. He went through a brief account of Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential run, mentioning that his father withdrew rather than continue to compete with Senator John McCain because Mitt believed it was important to have a united party to beat Barak Obama.

We heard the often-told story of how his mother, Ann, said she never wanted to go through another presidential campaign, then was the one who encouraged her husband to run again this time.

Josh went on to tell the audience about the three important things his father taught him:
* The value of money. The Romney kids learned young that their mother was the one to ask for money. Josh warned that Congress would learn how careful his father is with money if Mitt is elected.
* How to be a good father. Josh said his father often told Ann that her job raising their five boys was more important than his work in the business world.
* To love God. Josh said his family has been humbled and encouraged by supporters saying they pray for the family. He asked the audience to pray for the east coast victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The only political comments Josh Romney made were two mentions of how President Obama seems to be looking to Europe as his inspiration for government and that we need Mitt Romney to keep our government following our constitution.

The low-key speech lasted about 20 minutes. There was no question-and-answer time, but Josh greeted audience members for about 10 minutes.

The bus was scheduled to travel a similar distance today for three stops in the northeastern part of the state.



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