Posted by: SWL | October 15, 2012

NCAA 2012: Gators Still Struggle Despite #2 BCS Ranking

I got to watch Saturday’s University of Florida vs. Vanderbilt football game with two Gator alums – my daughter and son-in-law. It was great to have more people around the television to cheer and offer commentary. Unfortunately, as with the previous week’s game, there was not much to cheer about in the first half. And, like the last game, the Gators looked almost like a different team in the second half. Whatever Coach Muschamp says to the team at halftime, he ought to say before the game!

It was rather surprising that Florida was ranked #4 last week, even more remarkable to see them at #2 in the first BCS poll. I wish I could boast about how they have earned their spot, but I just don’t see it. Some of the factors the BCS uses to make its determinations carry too much weight. (Hopefully the changes in coming years will take care of that.) Right now Florida does not look like they did during their last championship season. In the meantime, I hope to see the Gators play an entire game like a #2 team.



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