Posted by: SWL | October 3, 2012

Lie in 2007 Obama Video Calls Campaign Promises into Question

Yesterday the “” posted a video of a June 5, 2007 speech by then-Senator Barack Obama to a gathering of African-American pastors in Virginia. In the speech, he explained a federal law – the Stafford Act – that requires regions receiving federal reconstruction funds to provide 10% in matching funds. Mr. Obama went on to say that after Hurricane Andrew in Florida and 9-11 in NYC, Congress waived the 10% requirement because of the severity of the devastation. He then exclaims that the people of New Orleans must be considered less important because the 10% requirement had not been waived for Hurricane Katrina damage.

When I first heard this “news” story, I thought the Obama opposition was trying too hard to make the President look bad. Although I did wonder why Mr. Obama spoke with a fake accent!

But today I heard more details about the Katrina-Stafford Act situation that make this video very important. It turns out Congress had actually approved a waiver for New Orleans two weeks prior to Mr. Obama’s speech. Even more surprising is that then-Senator Obama had voted against the bill! Granted, the bill also included funding for the war in Iraq – knowing the bill would pass and provide the waiver for New Orleans, Obama could vote his conscience on Iraq.

But that does not excuse saying in the speech that the waiver had not been granted. That lie makes this video relevant to us as we listen to the first presidential debate this evening. I recently spoke to my grandson about the connection between telling the truth and being trusted. It applies to politicians too. Can we trust anything President Obama promises to do if he wins another term?



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