Posted by: SWL | September 16, 2012

2012 NCAA Football: Gators Hang On, Sun Devils Choke in Last Minutes

My remote control clicked often on Saturday afternoon. The Arizona State at Missouri football game overlapped Florida at Tennessee. What are the odds that two of my favorite teams would be on television at almost the same time?

The Tennessee defense consistently held back the Gator offense in the first two quarters. At half time we switched to the ASU-Mizzou game until they finished their half. Going back to the Gators-Vols, I did not expect much. But Florida looked like a different team! Their 37-20 victory gives the Gators 3 wins, but with their performances so far I cannot envision an SEC championship for them this year.

In Columbia, Arizona State looked a bit small against the big Missouri defense. With ASU down 7-17 at the half, I was pretty discouraged as we clicked back to the other game. But something sparked the Sun Devils in the fourth quarter and they scored 13 points. They had possession again, but poor time management and running the ball three times up a middle blocked by Tigers kept the Devils from covering the last couple of yards to the goal line. It was hard to believe they couldn’t make that touchdown. Final score: ASU 20-Missouri 24.

My local favorite, the University of Nevada, Reno, had an easy 45-34 win over Northwestern State University. (NSU is in Natchitoches, Louisiana. If you didn’t know that, don’t feel bad – I had to look it up.)



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