Posted by: SWL | September 13, 2012

Middle-East Protests: Obama Criticizes Romney Free Speech

The protests across the Middle East, at least on the surface, are related to the issue of free speech. So it is ironic that President Obama is attempting to censor the free speech rights of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The President and many in the news media are saying Romney should not have issued his criticism of the Cairo embassy statement when he did. “Piers Morgan Tonight”, with Wolfe Blitzer sitting in for Morgan, spent one segment discussing the anti-Islamic video that supposedly ignited the protests and the remaining segments on the Romney statement. The last minute of the show gave a brief summary of the ongoing protests.

As an American citizen, Romney has the right to speak about this issue any time he wishes. I wrote a blog post in a similar vein not long after Romney issued his statement. But I am safe from the administration’s ire since far fewer people follow me than Romney.



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