Posted by: SWL | September 10, 2012

“Meet the Press” Interview Provides Answers on Romney Policy Ideas

Yesterday’s “Meet the Press” had a fabulous interview with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. David Gregory got an answer from Romney to almost every question that Democrats have been accusing Romney of not answering. They covered taxes, the federal budget, foreign policy and healthcare reform.

While I have felt for over a year that a second term for President Obama would be bad for the US, I had some concerns about possible Romney policies. This interview clarified many issues and makes me more confident that the Republican ticket will bring needed changes. I strongly encourage everyone to watch the interview before you decide how to cast your vote in November.

What struck me as absurd was the fact that the Democrats in the show’s second half discussion group brought up the same arguments and misdirection that have been used for the past month. They also mentioned the same questions Gregory asked and implied that they still have not been answered. Romney was quite clear on the principles that would guide his presidency and some details about policy. Couldn’t the Democrats at least acknowledge that the question has been answered instead of trying to convince people otherwise? It is interesting that they seem to want to make Romney look evasive rather than argue against actual Romney policy ideas.