Posted by: SWL | September 9, 2012

NFL 2012-13: My 49ers’ Defense Stops Spouse’s Favorite Packers

We avoided conflict at my house last year when the Green Bay Packers (my spouse’s favorite team “since birth”) were knocked out of the play-offs before having to face my favorite San Francisco Forty-Niners. Today’s match between the teams was of less consequence than a play-off game, but that did little to lessen the competitive spirit in my living room.

We had on our team t-shirts and ball caps; brats (a San Fran at Green Bay staple in our freezer) were on the menu. (Usually when the 49ers play, we try to imitate the great garlic fries at Candlestick Park. Couldn’t manage those today, although they are great with brats!)

Whenever I cheered another Niners’ score, my spouse said, “Enjoy it while you can. There’s still another 3 quarters (half, quarter) left.”

University of Nevada star quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, in his second year with SF, was put in for one play just before halftime. Kaepernick ran for a first down and left the field with a big grin on his face.

Game DayIn the past decade I have rarely seen the opposition shut down the Packers offense, whether the QB was Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers. During that time they have also been a great fourth-quarter comeback team, as they showed again today. The fourth-quarter was a bit more tense than the first three. I worried after the GB touchdown, but breathed easier when the Niners intercepted a Rodgers pass, and relaxed more after Frank Gore did a fantastic job of evading three tackles to make another touchdown for SF. The Packers matched that touchdown and threatened to score another. But they could not get past the 49ers defense.

Green Bay has had more success than San Francisco over the past 10-15 years. My spouse has had more opportunities to cheer and was gracious about this Packers’ loss. I am going to enjoy it while I can.

(Most enjoyable moment of the game: David Akers’ 63-yard field goal attempt that hit the crossbar of the goalpost, but still managed to go over the top. He tied the NFL field goal distance record.)