Posted by: SWL | September 2, 2012

At Ft. Bliss Obama Extolls Fulfilled Promise to Get Troops Out of Iraq

President Obama took a “non-campaign” campaign trip to Fort Bliss in Texas Friday to mark the second anniversary of his promise, made in the same location, to bring home the troops from Iraq. (Self-praise for something done in the past seems to qualify as campaigning to me.)

What Mr. Obama did not mention is that some military leaders thought the troops were withdrawn too early. Nor did he mention that Iraq is now in a quasi-civil war, a very dangerous place.

On the other hand, the President thinks the conflict in Afghanistan is one with which we should be involved. His plan is for the US “combat mission” to transition in 2014 to a support role, with some troops coming home. He did not mention at Fort Bliss (or elsewhere) that 40 American servicemen/women have been killed in 32 attacks by supposedly friendly and trustworthy Afghans this year.

(The Nevada Army National Guard’s 593rd Transportation Company – based in Reno, with detachments in Elko, Winnemucca and Las Vegas – is 3 months into a 9-month deployment to Afghanistan.)



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