Posted by: SWL | September 1, 2012

NCAA 2012: UNR, ASU, Gators Win in Week 1 of College Football

Autumn is my favorite season for several reasons, one being college football. This year will be a bit more interesting with new or restructured conferences for my three favorite teams:

* The University of Nevada, Reno, where my youngest daughter got her bachelor’s degree – and of course a regional favorite. The Wolfpack joins the Mountain West Conference this season. Their surprise 31-24 win over the Cal Bears today should give them confidence as they meet tougher opponents this year..

* My alma mater, Arizona State University. The PAC-10 has become the PAC-12, but the Sun Devils should be comfortable competing against the new members: the University of Colorado and the University of Utah. ASU won their season-opener Thursday night against Northern Arizona University.`

The Swamp

The Swamp

* The University of Florida. When our daughter went to UF for graduate school, we were introduced to a whole different football culture in the Southeastern Conference than we had experienced out West. It still amazes me that someone would paint their house blue and orange! Florida struggled through a dozen penalties today to beat Bowling Green. The Gators looked better in the second half, but their biggest breaks were two missed field goals by Bowling Green. The University of Missouri and Texas A&M join the SEC this season.