Posted by: SWL | August 18, 2012

Romney Should Not Release More Tax Returns

Yesterday the Obama Campaign manager offered the Romney Campaign a “bargain”: If Mitt Romney will release five more years of tax returns (in addition to the two already released), the Obama Campaign promises not to ask for the release of any more.

Maybe Romney should have released more earlier, but it is not a good idea now. If Romney gives in to the Democrats’ demand, he looks weak and they look powerful. And, as Romney has pointed out numerous times, this is a distraction from the tough issues facing the US.

There is a new ad for the President that asks whether Romney paid taxes on 15% or 10% or 5% of his income, then answers the question by saying we do not know because Romney will not tell us. Actually, he has told us verbally, but Mr. Obama apparently expects proof. The ad is nasty and misleading. Whatever Romney paid, it was perfectly legal under current US tax law. Romney should not be faulted because he is successful.

The thing I find disgusting or amusing, depending on my mood, is that President Obama is worth a great deal more than the average American,just not as much as Mr. Romney.* Neither of them can really relate to the common man or woman.

That’s true for the majority of our state and federal representatives. Unfortunately, that is the nature of American politics. It takes an enormous amount of money to run for public office, especially at the federal level. Those who seek a position need to have a large bank account to get the campaign started and know other rich people who will contribute to the campaign. This is the first time I remember a rich candidate complaining about the wealth of another candidate.




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