Posted by: SWL | August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan is Romney VP Pick

4:24 a..m. PDT

The Romney campaign has just announced through their app that Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is Mitt Romney’s Vice-Presidential pick.

I was a bit surprised; my money was on Florida’s Marco Rubio to court the Latino vote. But I like Ryan. He is the only one in Congress to put out a specific budget plan. Obviously he is not afraid to promote change.

For those who do not like Ryan’s budget plan, I would remind you that it is just a starting point for analysis and discussion. No administration gets all the legislation they propose passed, and bills that are passed are rarely unchanged. Budget proposals must pass through committees in both houses of Congress.

President Obama has dismissed Ryan’s plan although he should support it. Mr. Obama claims he wants bi-partisan compromise; he used to speak frequently about shared sacrifice. Ryan’s plan makes spending cuts across the federal budget, eliminates special tax breaks of all sorts and lowers tax rates for most people. Each party can find things to both like and dislike; most federal programs will make some sacrifices. Sounds fair to me.

As you consider whether you want to support or oppose the Republican ticket, consider overall vision, not just specific details that may never get beyond an initial proposal. Do we want the US to continue to have high unemployment, a slow economy and soaring national debt or do we want bold plans to reform the tax code, develop domestic oil resources and reduce federal spending – all of which will improve the economy? President Obama has proposed another larger stimulus and overall greater government spending. By choosing Ryan, it is clear that Gov. Romney is willing to make tough choices to get government bureaucracy and our economic future under control.



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