Posted by: SWL | August 4, 2012

TSA to Unionize

Reports earlier this week revealed that the TSA and the American Federation of Government Employees have reached an agreement to bring TSA employees into the union. This is scary news.

Many TSA employees do their job well, but 10 years after TSA’s creation there are still reports of agents who confiscate items that are allowed on aircraft, steal passenger belongings and take pat-downs too far. If any agents need to be fired, the union will step in and make it almost impossible to dismiss them.

Another concern is whether TSA workers will be allowed to go on strike. Could a wage dispute hold our air transportation network hostage? Would their demands for higher salaries be met just to keep airports open? Taxpayers, or at least airline passengers, will end up paying for that, not airports or airlines. At the very least, Congress should pass legislation that prohibits TSA employees from striking.

If you fly frequently, contact your Congressmen and ask them to make sure this unionization process will not bring harm or higher costs to air travel.



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