Posted by: SWL | May 29, 2012

Obama Campaign Attack on Trump is Hypocritical

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was campaigning a few hundred miles to the south today, in Las Vegas. This evening Romney attended a fundraiser hosted by Donald Trump.

President Obama’s campaign was quick to condemn this event. Trump has continued to question the validity of the President’s birth certificate and the campaign said Romney should reject Trump’s support.

Trump is a unique person and people seem to either admire him or think he is a kook. But no one can deny his ability to make lots of money. It might be a little risky for Romney to be associated with Trump, but it would be difficult to turn down the donations and connections available from the fundraiser. The publicity is good too.

Romney responded to the Obama campaign by saying he does not agree with all the views of his supporters. President Obama should understand that: a few weeks ago he attended a fundraiser in New York with some of the same “fat-cat bankers” he continues to attack while campaigning.



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