Posted by: SWL | May 9, 2012

Will New Terrorist Bombs Cause More Intrusive Airport Screening?

US government operatives have uncovered a new terrorist threat: Al Qaeda in Yemen is refining bombs using non-metallic explosives that can be hidden more effectively in a bomber’s underwear or surgically implanted in the bomber’s body. This type of bomb has a detonator that works better than the one used in Richard Reid’s bomb attempt on Christmas Day 2009. TSA and others say the full-body scanners currently used at most airports would detect this type of underwear bomb. They have made no comments about surgically implanted explosives.

I am glad our government has information on these techniques. But I wonder how anyone can defend against a bomb implanted in a human body. What measures will the government impose on air travelers to try to defend against such an attempt? Will frequent flyers have to give up good health as travelers are subjected to radiation from full x-rays to look for implanted bombs?



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