Posted by: SWL | April 21, 2012

IRS To Monitor Your Health Insurance Monthly

The IRS has laid off about 5000 employees this year due to budget constraints. Now the White House is directing them to hire 4000 new agents to enforce the mandatory insurance requirement in the Healthcare Reform Act. The IRS will monitor every American to make sure they have health insurance or pay a fine. What surprised me was hearing that the IRS will check on this monthly.

Monthly? I doubt 4000 new agents will be enough to handle this level of work. Those employees will not even make up for those laid off this year. What will happen to the IRS’ primary task of processing citizen’s tax returns? If they have a problem balancing those two tasks, eventually it will become widely known and more Americans will be emboldened to cheat on their taxes because there will be fewer auditors to catch them.

Besides that disaster in the making, I am concerned about the idea of a national file on me that contains information on my choice of health insurance and healthcare providers. That digital file will surely contain other personal information such as Social Security number, employment/financial status and the medical conditions for which I have been treated. Hackers have breached computer security at the Pentagon – how is the federal government going to ensure my personal information is totally safe? Will one IRS agent be assigned to each citizen or will all agents have access to all the files? Will this healthcare information have security as good or better than our tax information?

Almost no one knew everything that was in the Healthcare Reform bill before it was passed. The General Services Administration (GSA) partied on the taxpayers’ dollars for quite a while before being caught. Congress is apparently not able to deal with the details of the federal budget since they have not passed a specific budget resolution in over 1000 days. Even the trusted Secret Service is having trouble with integrity and security. Right now I have no faith in the government handling the details of my medical and financial life in a secure manner.



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