Posted by: SWL | March 27, 2012

Tebow Introduced as a NY Jet

When the Indianapolis Colts let Payton Manning go, I felt sorry for him. They were releasing him to avoid a bonus payment! Manning has spent his entire career so far with the Colts; he deserved the bonus (In my opinion, all the top NFL players are overpaid – after all, it’s just a game. I realize there needs to be compensation for the risk of possible career-ending injury. But maybe the big salaries should be saved for those who face injury and death almost every day, such as law enforcement and the military.)

Initial speculation was that Manning would sign with Miami. He already has a second home there. People supposedly in the know said Manning was more concerned with joining a team with whom he could win a Super Bowl ring than where he would make the most money. Both of those reasons make me curious why he ultimately signed with the Denver Broncos.

At that point I was also feeling sorry for Tim Tebow. He led the Broncos to within a game of the Super Bowl, totally against the preseason odds. John Elway said Tebow had earned the right to the starting position next season. (So much for taking Elway at his word for anything else.) I heard one commentator say that Elway has never liked Tebow. If it is because Tebow is so nice and honest, Elway will not like Peyton Manning either since most people attribute the same qualities to him.

Then Denver traded Tebow to the NY Jets. Trades are a normal pat of a football player’s life. But Tebow was not treated well in this one, although I suppose being backup quarterback in New York is no worse than being backup in Denver. At the press conference yesterday, Tebow used some version of the word “exciting” over 40 times. What else could he say?

I wish Peyton Manning well with his new team. And I hope Tim Tebow will get the opportunity to work his magic with the Jets the way he did last season with the Broncos.



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