Posted by: SWL | February 6, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI: Giants Surprise Patriots; VW Wins Ad Game

I honestly did not have any preference for which team should win the Super Bowl and watching the game held little appeal. But I did want to see the commercials. Previews this past week piqued my curiosity.

There were some interesting moments in the football game. I had never seen intentional grounding called for a well-thrown pass down field. And, like most of the play-off games this season, the end of the game was dramatic. It was a bit surprising that Coach Tom Coughlin decided the Giants would go for a touchdown instead of the expected field goal. But in the post-game interview he said there are a lot of variables that make a field goal risky too. Of course, Tom Brady’s Hail Mary pass was amazing by itself, even more because it was so accurate. But unfortunately for the Patriots, there were too many defenders around the intended receiver.

My vote for the winning commercial was the Volkswagen spot early in the game where the dog lost weight so he could race the red VW. It was interesting on its own, but what a surprise when the scene cut to the alien bar from Star Wars, with Darth Vader retaliating against the alien who thought the dog was better than last year’s kid in a Vader costume! Smart idea to tie this ad to last year’s favorite commercial. Volkswagen’s release last week of an ad with dogs barking Darth Vader’s theme was obviously a decoy.

I appreciated Chrysler’s ad with Clint Eastwood talking about how America would come back after “halftime”. Nice to see advertising with some substance.

Budweiser’s commercial about rescued dog We-go was cute, although they have run other ads with dogs who fetch the beer. But having recently adopted a dog from the local shelter, I appreciated that they included a link for rescue information at the end of the ad.

My honorable mentions would be
* the little dog wearing Skechers while racing greyhounds
* Chevy vehicles coming out from under the rubble after the city is destroyed
* Audi’s daylight headlights ruining the vampires party

There were many losers in the commercial game this year. Generally, there were too many apocalypse themed ads; I don’t even remember what products most were promoting.
* Budweiser spent a lot of time and money on their end of Prohibition spot. The details were obviously carefully researched. But for a Super Bowl ad it was boring – no humor, no surprises. Bud’s ad for their new Platinum beer was a snoozer too.
* Samsung had my attention at the beginning of the commercial for their new phone with a pen. It looked intriguing and I wanted to see more. But then a celebration – or to my eye, a riot – breaks out and you really don’t see the phone in action again. Samsung really wasted an opportunity.
* What was Elton John thinking, dressing up as a despot king for a Pepsi commercial? At least there was a surprise ending.
* The worst had to be the Jack-in-the-Box “Marry Bacon” ad. Jack usually has very funny commercials, but this was one of the worst ads I’ve ever seen!

I missed several commercial breaks during the second half, so I may not have seen more misses or a new classic. Post a comment if you saw something worthy of mention.



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