Posted by: SWL | February 5, 2012

As Expected, Romney Wins Nevada Caucus

Nevada should be back to obscurity in another day or so. Unlike other states’ primary and caucus results which are still being discussed, I do not expect to hear about Mitt Romney’s Nevada victory on the news after other contests on Tuesday. Right now candidates need every delegate, so they could not afford to ignore us entirely. But compared to the number of delegates available in other states, our 28 is pretty measly. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul left my fair state before the caucus results were known. They and Romney enlarged their carbon footprints by jetting off to campaign stops in Colorado between rallys here. I was surprised to hear Newt Gingrich mention in his remarks Saturday night that he was staying in the Silver State until Monday.

Nevada results will also be largely ignored by the news media because we are not representative of the more populous Western states. Our unemployment and foreclosure rates are far worse than the rest of the West – and the nation. While Arizona, Utah and Idaho will likely also be wins for Romney, it will be attributed to all three having large populations of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). In Nevada entrance polls, of those who identified themselves as LDS, 91% said they supported Romney. But the three coastal states have larger overall populations and trend more liberal, so you can expect their results to be different.

Even with the faith edge, Romney couldn’t win every county in Nevada. Nye County, our largest, went for Paul. That could be because of a stop he made in Pahrump, a bedroom and retirement community not too far from Las Vegas. But Paul also won Mineral County farther to the west, which no candidate visited. And the majority of Mineral County votes went to Gingrich. So Romney will still have to work (and spend) to come away with wins in states that already lean his way.



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